November 27th is the Masterclass Women in Charge; Step into your leadership to be held in the Netherlands. The Masterclass is a kickoff for the leadership year program with the same title.

Goal for the year program is to enhance the leadership knowledge and skills of women who are already in leading positions such as senior manager, business owners and CEO’s.

Women in leading positions have come a long way already and still suffer from insecurities, negativity from other women and men and are a lot of times rewarded less then men in the same position. We often keep it that way and do not agitate against it. Why is that?

Janet Crawford; principal of Cascadance and creator of The Women & Innovation Lab ( stated in an interview, that was held with her by Victor Whang for Forbes magazine, the following: “Business culture favors the masculine perspective, not because of an intention to marginalize women, but because men designed it. As a result, we recognize and reward masculine leadership, but the contributions of feminine leadership often remain invisible. Qualified women are not promoted and included because their values and traits don’t fit what leadership traditionally has looked like, both physically and archetypally.

This creates a double hurdle for women. Women are able to succeed in a “man’s world,” but it can come at a high psychological and physiological cost. Many women drop out of the leadership track or start their own businesses where they can dictate their own terms, rather than to “lean in” to a system that wasn’t build to recognize and reward their strengths and contributions. Those women who do pursue the leadership track face significant unconscious bias”.

Because of the above I designed the year program and my team and I are working hard to make it happen. We believe that to be able to take this double hurdle, women have to be put into their inner strength. Grow their knowledge of themselves and of what they are capable of. In addition to that they develop skills during the year program that will enhance their confidence and give them tools to slowly but surely change the male dominant perspective of leadership. Last but not least the program will stimulate connecting with peers and supporting each other on the way up the leadership ladder.

Women can rule the world. We just have to start believing it

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