Mastermind leadership facilitation

Masterminding is a certain way of brainstorming to get more and better results out of yourself and your business. Depending on who leads the Mastermind, the formula differs. At CLIP I have designed my own Mastermind formula which combines my Co-Active coaching, NLP and Leadership skills and knowledge.

As an experienced Leadership facilitator,with 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, I see it as my duty to use my skills and share my knowledge to support others in their growth to their desired excellence. Get them out of their comfort zones or work with them on new business concepts or tweaking their current one in order to develop from good to great!

I am not here to teach you how to make a lot of money in a fast way. I am here to teach you to build your business in a conscious way and to really think and be aware of why it is you are in business, why you want to take the steps that you are thinking of taking and what the impact of that may be. Leadership is about thinking before acting, taking responsibility for your actions and anticipate on the impact of those actions.

Sparking peoples passion and purpose is what keeps me motivated and driven. That is what the Sexy Leadership and CLIP (Change through Leadership Impact & Passion) is all about.

CLIP Training & Consultancy will be offering 4 types of Mastermind classes and programs. The Masterminds primarily target Solopreneurs and small business entrepreneurs who have 1-20 employees. 

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