3 week Mastermind online class

A 3 week program mastermind class of 60 minutes with a maximum of 50 participants. A rather large group and still it is possible to ask your questions and to connect with other participants.

The theme will be different every time and you will be able to choose which them applies to your current situation. Start here to make a positive change to your business or career.

Your investment is $19,99 per class, $29,99,- for two classes and $49,99,- for all three (no extra VAT) 

  • Master your Business plan class on September 12th 5PM- 6PM (UTC-3)
    Do you have plans to start a business? Or do you have your business and you want to grow? A business plan is a good foundation to build your business on. Even if you don’t have to go to the bank for a loan it is adviced to write your business development plan and think carefully about your steps. This 1 hour masterclass stimulates you to really think about what your steps are going to be and why. Master your business plan.


  • Master your WHY class on September 14th 5PM- 6PM (UTC -3)
    When I wrote the Sexy Leadership book in 2014 I added the WHY theory of Simon Sinek in it. Working from my WHY gave me so much more clarity and satisfaction in doing business. I have been working with it ever since and am teaching my clients about it. What is your WHY? What is the reason, the true purpose that you have with your business? Master your WHY after this Masterclass.


  • Master your Business with the 5 steps of Sexy Leadership class on  September 25th 5PM- 6PM (UTC-3)
    Sexy Leadership is a proven success method that makes people conscious of who they are as humans and in this case as entrepreneur. When you are a solopreneur (or want to become one) or a small business entrepreneur YOU are your business. It is therefore very important to know who you are, where your strengths lie and what you bring to the table while doing business. This is the first part of this masterclass. After that we go about how applying the 5 steps of Sexy Leadership will boost your business growth. Master your business with the 5 steps of Sexy Leadership.

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Mastermind VIP classes

An online VIP mastermind class of 90 minutes with a maximum of 20 participants. This way everyone will get enough attention and has the chance to have their questions answered.  The theme will be different every time and you will be able to choose which them fits your business or career challenges best.

Your investment is $99,- per class, $168 for two classes and $257,- for all three. No extra VAT

  • Master the art of Networking Thursday October 2nd 4:30PM – 6PM (UTC -3)
    When doing business, it is important to network. I have mastered my networking skills and am building my (international) network very rapidly. During this masterclass I share the secrets of effective networking with you. Are you ready to increase your network and learning new skills and ways to do so? Master the networking art!
  • Master your Business Impact Saturday October 9th 10:30 AM – 12PM (UTC -3)
    What do you want people to remember or to say about your business? The impact you make is the impression that lasts. And of course you can understand that leaving a good impact/impression will increase your business success. Have you given it a thought on how you position yourself and your business right now? Are you satisfied with your reflection results? If not, sign up for this masterclass quick!
  • Master your Money Mindset Tuesday October 19th 4:30PM – 6PM (UTC -3)
    Business is about making money isn’t it? In my opinion money is not the most important factor in doing business or being successful AND yes we are in business to make money. So what is your relationship with money? How is your money flow going? What are your thoughts about it? Are you blocking yourself or opening yourself up to receiving money. This and more in this VIP mastermind masterclass.

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