People grow up in systems, in communities, in families and with relatives. From all these different environments we are being influenced and take on different roles and beliefs. Masks!

The mask of always having to be the good girl, for example. Boys, who got the masks of having to be the man in the house. Children who feel the pressure of having to perform in school or sports. Bi-cultural people who need to act different or look away in order to fit in. These are a few examples of masks that we can have thrown upon us throughout our lives. Mask


We are often so accustomed to our masks that we have no idea who we are without them. They fit us well and we carry them with us into adulthood, until a moment comes that we start to become aware of them. We feel their pressure and we end up in situations where they start to be a real burden. The masks we have always worn are not of use anymore, because we, ourselves, have changed. Masks do not change with us, because they have been “given” to us in certain circumstances and we did not fit them voluntarily.


This is the moment that the unmasking starts. The moment that you should, can and dare to take leadership to peel off your masks in order to discover your true and pure self and show yourself to you and to the world. It might be possible that throughout the years, you have been given masks that are still of service to you. During the Unmasking process you have the choice to keep those. You are obviously not done with them yet.


Okokon Udo is one of the most inspiring leadership leaders I have met the past couple of years. We have developed a truly beautiful, inspiring and valuable friendship over the past year. It is his work that I am talking about in this blog. His life work is teaching people and making them aware of the necessity of Unmasking. He developed the Unmasking show and workshop. A deep process coaching method.


Unmasking the show During Okokon’s show in Amsterdam, a week ago, we got to know his own masks and the history behind them. Very  impressive! The intense discussion afterwards forced all of the participants to think about our own masks. Something  has shifted within me after the show and discussion. A weight came of my shoulders and I feel lighter. What it is exactly  I do not know yet. I do know that I feel better. Are you ready to unmask and lay off the masks that have been weighing  you down for a significant amount of time?


Next year march Okokon will be back in Amsterdam, the Netherlands to perform his show again and to lead the two-day Unmasking workshop. During the workshop you will actively discover and say goodbye to your masks to ultimately become who you truly are, without the weight of masks from the past. I am looking forward to it. To me, leadership is daring to dive into who I really am, into depths where it is “tricky”, to come out reborn and liberated.


Is it March already?

Read more about Okokon and The Unmasking show and Workshop in March here.








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