See you at the top


You are an ambitious woman who:

  • is in a leading position
  • wants to become a leading lady
  • is in search of inspiration
  • wants to increase her feminine leadership
  • is looking to destroy the last glass ceiling
  • wants to connect with peers, learn & grow

Kabalebo pool siteThe way to the top often does not come easy to women. You are on your way to the top and can use a break from the demand, the stress, the rush. Join this unique 6 day retreat. Enjoy pure Amazon jungle air. Be amazed by the wild environment, the animals, the pure waters, the unexpected jungle luxury. Learn, grow & connect with your peers and go back home a stronger, even more determined, changed and inspired leading lady.

Prior to your retreat there will be for preparing online masterclasses during which you get to know your fellow retreat participants and we start working on your leadership & inspiration.

The Inspiring ladies jungle retreat is planned from October 31st – November 5th 2017 

Read more about the whole 6 day program, pricing & Suriname in the FULL PDF 

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After your registration I will contact your for an online meeting, more details and planning.

A warm welcome to Suriname and See you at the Top!

Ruth Sinkeler; your CTI certified Leadership facilitator.

Ruth Sinkeler; your CTI certified Leadership facilitator.