Def PDF CEO jungle Retreat (3)-1


Are you a CEO who:

  • is overworked
  • has lost inspiration, passion & purpose
  • is in need of a clearing of the mind
  • could use a new view on their professional & personal future
  • wants to change



KniniPaatiRead more about this amazing and unique 5 day retreat with one-on-one coaching and mentoring with a CTI-certified leadership facilitator in the nurturing jungle of the undiscovered pearl of South America; Suriname.

The Benefits:

  • Out of your comfort zone
  • Amazing nature experience
  • Cultural Experience
  • Reflect
  • Recharge
  • Enjoy
  • Be inspired
  • Rest & Relax
  • Share your knowledge
  • Become an even better leader

MAKE TIME TO RECHARGE. INVEST IN YOU!relaxing in KniniPaati SoelaWorking as a CEO is challenging, demanding and at times exhausting. Even though people look up to you as their leader, you are also human right? Every human needs time to recharge and reload their mental and physical energy reserve and get their inspiration back.
Do you take care of you?
My name is Ruth Sinkeler, A CTI certified leadership trainer.
Let me be your recharge partner for 5 days in the beautiful, relaxing and amazing tropical jungle of Suriname, South America.  At your service as leadership facilitator & recharge expert for 90 hours. Also do 1 day of community service and give back!
Are you ready to recharge, be inspired, reflect and go back to business a whole new, energized and inspired CEO?
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Welcome to beautiful Suriname.

This is the best present for YOU!