Postponing Change = postponing Happiness

Change for happiness

1) They gotten used to their comfort zones

Comfort zones are weird things. Do you recognize when you are in yours? How to describe the  Comfort zone situation: A state of life or mind where you know everything, where things are predictable, where there are few to no challenges and everything goes smooth and dandy. You know how it all works and are completely used to the way things are going. You don’t feel that happy or excited about it anymore but you just keep it like this because it is easy, not much hassle and it does not cost you a lot of energy to think or act.

The thing with comfort zones is though, they often are mediocre, low on passion and inspiration. They do not motivate to get into action and reach your dreams & goals. And that is ok! If that is what you want.

If staying in your comfort zone is what makes you happy, then stay. If not then start living your heartbeat instead of your flatline!

2) they don’t know how and where to start 

We often think that we have to go through our change process alone. That it is a solo journey. To be completely honest, it most of the time is. And you don’t have to do it alone. Starting a change process, for whatever it is that you want to change and what ever goal or dream you are looking to reach, is leadership. Leadership to take charge of your life, your destiny and leaders too, ask for help. If you don’t know where to start, how to plan your steps, what to do and how to do it, just ask for help. No need in struggling alone. This is one of the biggest reasons that a great sum of people find it so difficult to change. They have the firm believe that they have to do it alone. An African Proverb says; “If you want to go fast go alone, If you want to go far, go together” Thus decide, Are you going for instant gratification and fast change? Then go alone. Are you looking for sustainable and long-term change, aks for help and work together with friends, family and or a professional. Yes most of the work for change will be yours. Adding a good support system makes you fly!

3) Change is scary

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get” Forrest Gump’s mother thought us that. And it is the same with change. Once you get out of your comfort zone, you cannot know where exactly you will end up and what will happen along the way. When you go through your change process, un-expected things can happen a long the way. While some may experience this as very exciting, others are scared to death of the un-expected. Which group do you belong to?

If you belong to the group that finds change scary, just ask yourself. What scares me more? Living my current life for years to come? Am I truly happy, fulfilled, satisfied? Or am I willing to take some different steps, out of my comfort zone and start my journey to true happiness?

This blog is not written to judge or to point fingers.

This blog is written to make you think, reflect and raise your awareness of where you are in your life right now and what you might want to change.

Postponing Change = postponing Happiness

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