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Sexy Leadership! Live and work from your purpose.


“ A candle cannot light up another candle before their own flame has really caught fire “©

For years I was only focused on building my business. Forgetting all about who I was, what I really wanted, what my dreams were, what my true purpose was. The balance was completely gone until life happened and I had to turn things around.

The vision of Sexy Leadership was born.

My WHY statement, why do I do what I do.

It is my strong believe that the burnouts, lacks of energy and lots of negativity in the world have their origin in the fact that a lot of people are not working and living from the core of who they really are. They are not aware of their purpose and they don’t do what makes them happy and gives them energy.

My work as an expert in Sexy Leadership, change & happiness brings organizations, entrepreneurs & professionals back to the source of who they are, their talents, their passions & their purpose.

Through leadership change management, retreats, teambuilding, masterminds and motivational speeches, I work with them and inspire them towards true awareness, fulfillment, purpose & happiness. A real business & life boost.

Imagine the world filled with entrepreneurs & professionals who mostly radiate nothing but sexy-ness, happiness and positive energy. Working on making a positive impact and difference in their own lives and the lives of others. Making that their priority. With as the main values; respect, reconciliation, authentic connection, sexy leadership, happiness & fulfillment.

Are you ready to lead, live and work from your purpose and create your life changing boost?

What if everybody in the business world would work and live their full potential & purpose? What would the world look like then? Entrepreneurs & professionals do make the difference.

Join the movement. Be the change. It starts with you!

Work with me and become Sexy, Successful, fulfilled, happy and the most attractive party to work or do business with. Find your WHY and work and live accordingly.

Dare to be Sexy, Dare to be different, Dare to be you!




Sexy Leiderschap

Word sexy en succesvol in 5 stappen

Het boek voor iedereen die openstaat voor een nieuwe kijk op leiderschap en persoonlijk succes.

Het voorwoord is geschreven door Jan Heemskerk. Het boek bevat interviews met Karina Holwerda, Aristakes Jessayan, Esther Jacobs en Charles Ruffolo en Lucinda Douglas.

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Sexy Leiderschap gaat over het kennen van jezelf, durven zijn wie jij bent en van daaruit handelen, inspireren, motiveren en verbinden met anderen.


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